Thursday, September 10, 2009

Maurizio Babaldi is my hero

Hey Dolls-

Step Three "The Fanciness That Is CD Reproductions" is coming soon however...
I just received an email I felt was appropriate to share.

My most recent headshot session was with Maurizio Babaldi ( who I wish I'd met before I played Pirelli in Sweeney Todd because he is not only  fabulously talented but 100% Italian, "born and raised in Milano" (hot, right?). Not only did I end up with the best headshots I've ever had with at least 200 useable shots to choose was the most fun I ever had having my picture taken (which i notoriously hate). Needless to say, I send everyone I know who's looking for new headshots to him and will continue to do so.

I sent him this email today:

Dear Maurizio-

We had a headshot session a couple years ago-
(see attached to refresh your memory).

I'm putting a solo CD together and i was curious as to how much it would cost to use one of your shots from our session for the CD cover.
I'm doing a really really small run because my budget is incredibly small...
but I want to make sure i do right by everyone's artistic talents involved.

So if there is a fee for this that I can afford, i'd love to use this shot.
Or even, if it's just a matter of giving you a photo credit, even better.

Please let me know what you think about all this-
I hope you're doing well-
I recommend anyone and everyone who's looking to get headshots done to you.
They're always extremely pleased with the outcome as was i.

Thanks again for getting back to me on this-
i really appreciate it.


This is his response (please read it aloud with an incredibly sexy Italian accent):

Ciao Bella,
I apreacheate a lot your consideration and do not worry at all, please use the pictures for the CD and let’s hope it get You where You deserve !!!
If You have the space just give me the credit and bring me a copy...!
Big kiss Maurizio
Maurizio Bacci
333 W39th St. Suite 603
New York, NY, 10018
P 212-253-8795
F 212-594-3054

How awesome is Maurizio Babaldi?
Pretty fucking awesome.