Monday, November 16, 2009


Hey darlins---

Here is the breakdown of the 'real names' of the songs-
compared to the 'code names' I've given them in the blog up until this point.

Again, I apologize for not having gotten to three of these song posts before we had to release the track names today but....I promise I will still post about the remaining three individually to give them their 'due' like the others.

1. "Hard Times Come Again No More" =THE CIVIL WAR SONG

2. "Eiffel Tower" (from The Blue Flower) = THE MONUMENT SONG


4. "Only Hope" (from A Walk To Remember) =THE MANDY MOORE SONG

5. "Cry" (from Love Jerry) = THE MOMMA'S LAMENT

6. "County Fair" (from Das Barbec├╝) =THE MAGIC 8 BALL SONG

7. "Once Upon a December" (from Anastasia) = THE MUSIC BOX SONG

8. "Where've You Been?" =THE CAR SONG


10. "Still Hurting" (from The Last Five Years) =THE DIFFERENT TAKE SONG

11. "When She Loved Me" (from Toy Story II) =(not blogged yet...)

12. "From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours" =(not blogged yet...)

13. "When Eleanor Smiles" (from First Lady Suite) =THE MARY TESTA TRIBUTE SONG

14. "When The End Comes" (from The Zero Club) =THE CMU SONG

15. "The Parting Glass= (not blogged yet...)

........and many congrats to those of you who have been guessing this whole time-- for the most part you all have been pretty damn close, if not dead on.

Well done!!!!



so much to do....

more soon...




here it is, the official press release for Old Friends.

I SO SO SO wanted to get the chance to blog about all the songs in 'code' before we released the track listings but i just ran out of time with everything else I've had to do at this point.

please forgive my not getting to the last 3 out of the 15 tracks....
but lots and lots of exciting PR things are happening.

We now have an awesome banner on ALL THAT CHAT, thanks to the brilliant Robbie Rozelle...
(please refer to a previous blog called "Why Robbie Rozelle Is Awesome")-
and we are in the process of setting up other ads-
banners, print ads, etc to help us get the word out.

Other things to do:

I set up an EVENT on facebook for the CD Release Party at the Beechman on the 29th which can be found at:


and I am trying to invite as many people as i can to that....
have to send out a personal email blast...
have to set up sound clips for the website...
create a myspace page...
finish address labels...
handle some more recent orders that came in...
pre-address and stuff envelopes for pre-orders, donations and PR so that when I get the CDs on thursday i can literally shove 'em in there and get them to people before thanksgiving...
go to Town Hall for some legal crap...
try and wrangle a few more interviews....

and that's just on the list for TODAY so....


all positive and awesome.....
so please now to enjoy the OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE FOR OLD FRIENDS (and yes, in those blank boxes there are supposed to be pictures but I don't have time to figure out what the fuck happened and why they're not coming up here):


November 12, 2009


Broadway veteran Donna Lynne Champlin (Sweeney Todd, Billy Elliot: The Musical, By Jeeves) has announced the track listing for her debut solo album, “Old Friends,” due December 1, 2009 from Parting Glass Productions.  Produced and arranged by the singer-actress, the album is an amalgamation of theatre and film songs, country tunes and pub songs, filtered through the singer/songwriter influences of her life experiences. 

Recorded over a six-week hiatus from Billy Elliot due to a fractured ankle, Donna Lynne took on the daunting task of recording a solo album for $1,000, chronicling the warts-and-all creation of it on her blog, peppered with her trademark wit and four-letter words. Of the creation, Donna Lynne said "I have dreamed of making a solo album since I was five years old.  While being the sole producer, musical arranger, singer, musician, mixer, master and PR agent on this album has been at times hilariously overwhelming... it has also allowed me to make this CD exactly as I have wished, and without compromise. Every song, every minor instrumentation and even the design of the CD cover are choices that I have agonized over and stand behind 100%. Being my own boss is an artistic luxury I have not known since I was a teenager and I have unapologetically reveled in it. With all that said, what was the most rewarding experience of this whole adventure was to be the humble recipient of so many other people's generosity. I still can't wrap my mind around the endless bounty of selflessness that has been showered on me by so many amazing people. From monetary donations, to pre-orders, to offers of talent and skill and advice, to even the occasional encouraging email this whole experience has massively heightened my humility regarding the goodness of others. And I believe in my heart that the quality and the emotional heartbeat of the music on this CD reflects the warmth and spirit of everyone involved. This CD truly took a village... and I am beyond proud that my name is the on the sign post as you enter our little musical town."

“Old Friends” is currently available for pre-orders at, and will be available at all online sources, including and iTunes on December 1st.

The track listing for “Old Friends” is:     

1. "Hard Times Come Again No More"

2. "Eiffel Tower" (from The Blue Flower)

3. "Smile"

4. "Only Hope" (from A Walk To Remember)

5. "Cry" (from Love Jerry)

6. "County Fair" (from Das Barbec├╝)

7. "Once Upon a December" (from Anastasia)

8. "Where've You Been?"

9. "I Cried For Us"

10. "Still Hurting" (from The Last Five Years)

11. "When She Loved Me" (from Toy Story II)

12. "From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours"

13. "When Eleanor Smiles" (from First Lady Suite)

14. "When The End Comes" (from The Zero Club)

15. "The Parting Glass"

Donna Lynne Champlin made her Broadway debut in James Joyce’s The Dead, and appeared to great acclaim in Hollywood Arms, By Jeeves, and as Pirelli in the John Doyle directed Sweeney Todd.  Her other NYC credits include Very Warm For May (Carnegie Hall), Bloomer Girl (Encores), Reunion, First Lady Suite, Bury the Dead and My Life With Albertine.  She won a 2007 OBIE Award for her performance in The Dark At The Top of the Stairs, and a 2008 NYMF Outstanding Individual Performance Award for her performance in Love Jerry.  She has also performed her acclaimed one-woman show Finishing The Act at Ars Nova and The Laurie Beechman Theatre.  She appears on numerous cast albums and recordings, and is currently in the cast of Billy Elliot: The Musical at the Imperial Theatre. For more information, visit


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