Sunday, September 27, 2009

49 pre-ordered cds...

.....and counting.

holy friggin flying meatballs.
you guys are awesome!

I am going to the bank tomorrow to open up a new checking account specifically for this project-
and then i am going to open up a paypal account that connects to it.

so many of you have offered to donate to the PR cause...
and I'm working on a way to let you all generously do it.
God bless you.

Will let you know when it's up and running.

I won't be using the paypal RIGHT NOW for pre ordered CDs however.
that's still an email to me at with your name, email, mailing address and the number of CDs you want.

i think the PAYPAL will kick in for those of you who want to be 'PR angels' on the project.

More soon....
working on the MONUMENT SONG post.

As exciting as all this business shit is...
i've been away from the music for almost 24 hours and it's starting to make my teeth itch.

And after all-
the music's the thing, right?

lerv to all your faces-


Hey Everybody-

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