Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Monument Song?


resident goofball Ryan Bauer-Walsh apparently googled 'THE MONUMENT SONG' because that was the code-name of one of my tracks (btw, hilarious on that and A+ for effort, Ryan!).

While this is an interesting tune-
and dare i say....
vaguely reminiscent of Gilbert and Sullivan?

I assure you all that this is not my "Monument Song":



Hello My Lil' Chickens!

Just got home from doing Seth Rudetsky's Sirius XM radio show " Live On Broadway"! Had an awesome time!  What a cool gig.  If any of you ever want to watch the broadcast live- just head on over to the Times Square Information building (on 7th between 46th and 47th) every wednesday at noon- have a seat and be entertained for an hour.

I got a chance to say hi to the fabulously talented Kerry Butler and to meet Constantine Maroulis from Rock Of Ages. They were doing the segment after me...really sweet people.

And of course, it's always a fun time chatting with Seth-
usually, i do The Chatterbox at Don't Tell Momma's...
but this was my first time on the radio show, and it was a blast.

God I love Rudetsky. His mind is like 8 hamsters on crack all running at full tilt on a wheel decked out with chaser lights that spell "SHOW BIZ!!!". He's truly a comedy and musical genius. And he truly truly loves musical theatre and everything that goes with it more than anyone I've ever met. That's the heart of his charm, I think.

And good lord, we go waaaaaaayyyyyy back.
We actually did a really funny show of his and Jack Plotnick's* at Don't Tell Momma's...and i believe i played (amongst others) Joyce DeWitt in a sketch.
If i recall correctly...?

*Not for nothing but Jack now teaches marvelous classes about acting and managing the business and I highly recommend them: (

I also got a chance to catch up with old friend Julie James who's now the program director and a producer at Sirius (not to mention still using those glorious pipes of hers for some SANGIN'). She's a marvelous talent and it's so wonderful to see her so happy and successful. She also graciously offered to put my CD on the air when it's ready to go! 
How's THAT?! 
Pretty fantabulous, I'd say.

we chatted about many things, including the new CD and then I sang a song from the album called "The Parting Glass". This is my usual encore in my one-woman show, so I figured it was safe to put out there. I was tempted to bring one of my other songs but, I'm still leery about putting out my material before it's all on the CD.  The Parting Glass is actually the song I auditioned with that got me my Broadway debut in James Joyce's The Dead.  It's a really pretty tune and my brother did a really cool promo video of it for my show- here, check it out:

Also, (my mom will be thrilled about this)-
i did one of those 'tags'?
I know....AWESOME, right?

if you listen to Sirius XM you might hear me say, 

"This is Donna Lynne Champlin and you're listening to Sirius XM's Live On Broadway."

Is that cool, or WHAT?!

Have to say....
it's the little things, like that...
that make me feel kinda like a big deal.

It's ironic.

Getting a show jacket (yes, i know they're for show off-y douche bags and i don't care)-
Going to the cobbler and getting your foot traced so that they can custom make you a pair of shoes for your new Broadway show...
Doing a BCEFA event like Gypsy of the Year and seeing the whole community come together and know that somehow you're a part of it....
Doing a 'tag' on Sirius XM so your mom can hear it randomly when she's driving home from work-

Those are the things that really register with me.

You'd think it would be the applause, or people asking for your autograph and the like...
i don't know.
For me, it's really not.

It's those...
tiny little 'keys to the city' you get handed every once in a while that seem really unimportant but...just mean everything.

tangent, sorry.

The show will air on SIRIUS Channel 77 and XM Channel 75
One week from this friday night at 7pm (October 9th, 2009)

Encore presentations of the show are:
Sundays at 11pm
Tuesdays at 7am 
Wednesdays at noon.

Until then, my lickety splits...



oh my stars....
I opened up my email this morning and saw a receipt from paypal saying 'Donation Recevied'-
and I didn't know what was happening.
I thought, 

"Wait a minute. Did i make an online donation last night? 
Did i do something when i was futzing around with my new paypal account?"

I opened up the email and it was a donation to MY CD!
I couldn't believe it!
I had put the 'donate' button on my website, waiting for things to clear 
and figured I'd make an announcement about it when i was sure everything worked....

and the enterprising and generous Mr. Russell Lehrer just went on there and donated $100 if his hard earned money.
Bless, bless BLESS!

So thank you so much Russell!
Your donation will be put towards the "PR Fund" to promote the CD.
The actual making of the CD will still remain under the original budget of $1000 as promised.

I am eternally grateful.