Monday, October 12, 2009

THANK YOU Marc, BD, Anonymous, Edwardyne and Andrew!!!


Marc J Filippone, B. D. Suisse, Anonymous, Edwardyne Cowan and Andrew Tappon!
I am so incredibly grateful for your generosity and support!
As soon as the CD is pressed, I will make a full accounting of where all these wonderful donations are going so you can see your money at (specific) work Public Relations-wise.

all vocals are OFFICIALLY IN THE CAN, people.

I apologize as i am indeed way further ahead on the cd than the blog indicates-
but i'm taking copious notes and will soon bring you back into the process.
My goal is to really try to have this whole thing out around Thanksgiving because so many of you have sweetly asked if it would be ready for you to give as holiday gifts. 

I will resume with THE BALM IN GILEAD part II hopefully later tonight.

I just have to re accompany myself on the piano to the final vocals and re- orchestrate around them.
Also, have my string players coming in this week and must have all their charts ready and clean by thursday.

lots of work to do and being done...
which i will share with you momentarily.

in the meantime-
thank you all so much for your support and your emails filled with love, encouragement and fantastic advice.
I appreciate it all, my clever ducks.

more soon-