Friday, September 25, 2009

Some good news and some bad news...

Sorry for the delay in my posts recently...and honestly, thanks for even noticing. I almost forget that people are really reading this. Weird, right?

Last week I was lucky enough to do a seriously kick ass reading of a new musical at Playwrights Horizons called PRETTY DEAD GIRL. It’s got a wicked “necromancical” book by David H Wang and probably one of the most exciting pop-rock scores I’ve ever heard by Spring Awakenings' ridiculously brilliant Ann Marie Milazzo.

So between the reading during the day and BILLY ELLIOT at night, there really wasn’t much time to do anything else....

Until....(yeah, this is the 'good news/bad news' part).

First, the bad news.

I fractured my ankle during a performance of BILLY ELLIOT a few weeks ago. The crazy thing is, I thought it was just a sprain until I saw a physical therapist on wednesday who sent me to the doctor on Thursday who sent me to the hospital for a bone scan on Monday...who ate the cat who killed the rat who lay in the house that Jack built. Basically.

So, yeah...I danced on a fractured ankle for over two weeks when I should have just listened to my mother. When it first happened she said from day one,

"I'm telling you, it's fractured." 

To which i respectfully replied something along the lines of, 

"Please stop smoking dope, ma. It's so unladylike." 

And she tried in vain to convince me, believe-you-me. She regaled me with stories about the women in our family and their "high tolerance for pain", and how my grandmother walked around for "weeks with 5 broken bones in her foot", but to no avail. 

So yes. 

I may have inherited a "high tolerance for pain" gene, but i have also apparently inherited the "fine line between badass and dumbass" DNA as well. Oh, we had such high hopes for her. We really did.


It’s officially busted, and I'm officially benched with a big ole ‘boot’ that's kinda like only one half of me planned a ski trip. The other half is like.

"Wtf, dude. Where are YOU going? I'll be sitting on the couch, thanks." 

And I'm using a cane. 

And yes, it does look as hot as it sounds. 

Well that is if you're into a cranky Mr. Monopoly type with a bad case of gout. But that's really only when i wear my monocle. And my spats. Well, spat. The top hat's a given.

Regardless of how retarded I look, the fracture means I have to stay off it for weeks. As an incredibly active person, this prescription would normally make my head explode. Truth be told…I am already having my moments sitting on my couch deliberating whether it's actually worth it to get up and go to the bathroom/answer the phone/jump out the window.

Dear God. The excitement over here is unbearable.

All kidding aside tho- since I have this sassy CD project (which involves about as much moving around as walking a gerbil) -- that’s CLEARLY the good part, eh? It's actually the really awesome part. I’ve got a fun thing to do which not for nothing, makes time literally evaporate. I can't tell you how many times I'm sitting at my piano for what seems like 2 minutes-- and i look at the clock and 5 hours have gone by. 

It's crazy. 

If I actually had to BE anywhere I'd have to set my alarm clock.

But a happy by-product of all this surprisingly free time is that the CD will be ready much much sooner (knock wood, toi toi, etc). It's actually further along than I've had the chance to blog about it. I have been orchestrating and recording tracks since my last post- while taking dutiful notes on random pieces of post-it paper, I promise you. I just haven’t had the time until now to make sure those notes were translated properly into posts that didn’t come off like the certifiable 12 monkeys like chicken scratch they actually are.

Also…I got on a musical roll and didn’t wanna break my stride. And not for nothing, playing the piano with one foot up on a chair? Not so bad. Just sayin'.


Sorry I’ve been MIA, my lovelies. And thanks so much for inquiring as to ‘when the next post’ is coming. I am so thrilled that you all are ‘out there’! And that...well- that you actually give a shit. I'm truly so excited about that.

So without further ado…stay tuned for my next post: ANGELS AND DONATIONS.

In the meantime-

Rock it out!