Thursday, November 26, 2009


My Dearest Pumpkins....

On this day of official "Thanks giving"-
I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you-
for your support with this whole thing in whatever way shape or form.

There is NO WAY i could have ever done any of this without all of YOUR help, and I am beyond grateful to each and every one of you for being so incredibly awesome the past two months. As some of you have received CDs by now, you can see that an entire page was dedicated to 'thank yous' but.....
as there was not nearly enough room to put down EVERYONE's name...
please allow me to thank:

Mike champlin

Dorothy champlin

Eric Blume 

David Gelman

brian mackewich @ Gizmo Enterprises

Tony Tyler play-it direct

Ron destefano

Donna accorso

Todd Michael Thomas

Ed Dixon

Andy arrow

Maurizio babaldi

Theresa Flanagan

steven jamail

Stephen cole

Michael Colby

Marshall grant

Grant Mitchell hunter

David Mate

Joel B New

Joel reid

Lewis cleale

Jay Atwood

Donna Eis

Glen roven

Dan gramkee

Glen roven

Jason Robert brown

Jason aylesworth & Mark sendroff

Tami tappan

Scott warrender

Megan gogerty

Jim bauer

Marc lipscher

Joy @ hipharp

Chris miller and Nathan Tyson

William Panek

D Toole

Christiane tisdale

Angie Christian

Mary Sheldon

Justin Squigs Robertson

Jayne paterson

Liz pearce

Lauren Molina

Jessica Wright

Brian Steblin

Greg Santos

Julian Rad

Todd almond

Brian DeVito

Bill Cox

Michael Moricz

Bruce Coughlin

Leah Hocking

Kerry O'Malley

Gregg Arst and the Company Management Team at BILLY ELLIOT

Valerie LaVarco and the injury recovery team at ACTORS EQUITY

Dr Bauman

The Hospital for Special Surgery

Merle Louise

Carole Shelley

Scott Warrender

Michael O'Flaherty

Goodspeed Opera House Library


SONY records

Michael McLean

James Kaufman

Roger DeWitt

Phil Bond

Olli Haaskivi

Cara Joy David

Sherry Boone

Stephen Cole

Dale Hopson

Dave kyle

Howard Emanual

Cassandra Kubinski

Julian Rad

Annalyse McCoy

Katrina Yaukey

Peter Filichia

David Anderson

Robert Armin

Tommy Krasker

Ben Magnuson

Elisa Winter

Jessica Wright

Liz Callaway

Malcom Getz

Laura Benanti

Lauren Leslie

Emily Skinner

Joy Parker

Christopher Corts

Christopher Dauphine

Jack Cummings III

Joe Calarco

Carol Burnett

Angie Horejsi

Chris Nichols at WERQ, inc

Jonathan Herzog

Jim  Bauer

Scott Warrender

Marc Kessler

Angie Christian

Lynn Pinto

Joan, Tony and Sergio at PLAY-IT DIRECT

Ann at TalkinBroadway

James Marino at Broadway Stars

Jena Tesse Fox at

Hilary Tuttle & Erik Haagensen at

Julie James at Sirius Radio

Robert Sokol

Heather Flournoy

Andy Propst at Theatremania

Leonard Jacobs at The Clyde Fitch report

Christine pedi

Hal Prince

Sir Alan Ayckbourn

David Hurst

Robert Viagas at Playbill

Jim Caruso

Dave Lefkowitz

Rob Lester

Richard Ouzounian

Michael Dale

My Post Office here in Manhattan Plaza and on 42nd Street

Phil Bond and the crew at The Beechman

The entire crew at CDBABY

and of course....





Mr. Russell Lehrer - $100

Mr. Julian Rad- $50

Ms. Rebecca Van Dusen- $50

"Sweeney Todd Alumn"- $100

Ken Werther- $50

David Anderson- $75

Mary Beth Peil- $50

Michael Cassara- $50

Ken Denison- $50

Gail Parenteau- $50

Justin and Diana Hill- $50

Marc J Filippone- $50

B. D. Suisse- $50

Anonymous- $20

Edwardyne Cowan- $50

Drew Tappon- $250

Eric Blume and David Gelman- $400

Anonymous- $50

Nancy and Doug Jones- $100

Todd Michael Thomas- $100

Maureen & Don Dinero- $100

Michael McLean- $91

Joseph Cross- $50

Jared StGelais- $50

James Kaufman- $25

Rick Rinaldi- $51

Jeffrey Poole- $25

Tim Dunleavy- $50

Renee Calarco- $25

Marilyn Schneider- $25

Gregory Santos- $250

Robert and Phyllis Stock- $50

Evelyn Martin- $50

Judith Ranaletta- $50

Kerry O'Malley- $100

Mary Agnes and Phil Roy- $50