Thursday, October 15, 2009


Spent the day with the thrillingly talented Jessica Wright-
She's what we call a member of the 'Hill Billy Mafia' in the theatre community.

There are few people who can just play about every instrument known to man, in addition to being fabulous actors and singers and Jess is one of them. Anytime there's a show that needs musos?  The casting short list is the Hilly Billy Mafia. 
Then they call the rest of us. 
As it should be.

We spent a couple hours today at her house in my old neighborhood in Queens and had an absolute blast. She's just ridiculous with how she nails this stuff. She does studio work a lot especially on violin for lotsa fancy people so, she's used to just 'one and done'. She was gracious enough to let me just record three takes of each song and I've been home editing ever since.

Btw, Garage Band and i are totally dating again.
I think it's serious.

The best part about being able to edit in Garage Band after the fact is, the pressure isn't on my musicians to get everything perfectly lined up because when someone's doing something for you for FREE the last thing you want is for them to have to spend a lot of time practicing with the unmixed track you emailed last week with your crazy ass vocal timings.

So, we did three straight shots of each of the four songs she's playing on-
and I am able to move stuff around so it lines up perfectly (or imperfectly as is sometimes called for) and she can just relax and have fun and not worry about being totally in sync.

She also made me the most delicious pea soup I've ever had in my life.

I cannot WAIT for you all to hear her gorgeous playing.
it's truly stunning.
I am in awe and beyond grateful that she has donated her time and talent to this project.

i head out to Brooklyn for cello tracks with the equally amazing Elisa Winter.

I truly think....
may brain may explode when i hear Elisa and Jess' playing together.

Like, picking cranium pieces off of the ceiling, EX-PLODE with happiness.



it's almost 3am.
momma's gotta get to bed.

this is like a dream.
a big, fat, musical geek fantasy sequence that ya whip up during those very awkward teen years at band camp kinda dream.

it's that much fun.