Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hello My Darlings-

So things are really speeding along over here and we're looking to finalize the CD cover/book within the week.
This means that anyone who would like to donate to this project and would also like to be thanked and credited IN the actual CD booklet should do so before a week from today- Sunday, October 25th.

Obviously, anyone who would like to donate to the cause after the 25th--
I'm sure there will be plenty of PR things that will crop up that your donations will gladly and gratefully be applied to...
but I just won't be able to fulfill the promise of public thanks on the CD booklet since it will have gone to press by then.


Again- so much thanks and gratitude to all of you who have already donated-
I sent you all an email today, explaining in detail where exactly your money is going and why.

And to those of you who wish to donate and still be credited publicly on the album itself...
you have a week, my loves.

Hoping you're all well and happy...
I am now returning to the world of mixing and 'plosive removal' for your listening pleasure.

more soon, my chicklets!