Wednesday, September 30, 2009



oh my stars....
I opened up my email this morning and saw a receipt from paypal saying 'Donation Recevied'-
and I didn't know what was happening.
I thought, 

"Wait a minute. Did i make an online donation last night? 
Did i do something when i was futzing around with my new paypal account?"

I opened up the email and it was a donation to MY CD!
I couldn't believe it!
I had put the 'donate' button on my website, waiting for things to clear 
and figured I'd make an announcement about it when i was sure everything worked....

and the enterprising and generous Mr. Russell Lehrer just went on there and donated $100 if his hard earned money.
Bless, bless BLESS!

So thank you so much Russell!
Your donation will be put towards the "PR Fund" to promote the CD.
The actual making of the CD will still remain under the original budget of $1000 as promised.

I am eternally grateful.

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