Friday, September 18, 2009

fourth day: THE MUSIC BOX number

I was totally burned out on the song yesterday.
I listened to it again.
I totally love it.

These are times that i actually kinda wished i took crack because then it would explain these crazy bouts of insecurity that I go through. I could just say, Oh yeah. I'm sorry. That was just the hit of crack i took before i listened to it. My bad. To be fair though, I'm pretty sure all writers, actors, and anyone else in the creative arts goes through it too. That wall of extreme self doubt where the sky is where the ground should be and hamsters rule the world.

You know, that place.

Anyway, I get over my lame-assed self and jump back into the tracks.

Finesse the mix.
Move stuff around to match the vocal timing.
much better.
Finesse again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.
And again.

Listen to it on BOSE headphones.
Listen to it on ear buds
a little less gorgeous but still totally enjoyable.
Listen to it on computer
Not ideal but absolutely acceptable.

I remove the vocal track and export the orchestration to Itunes.
I see Garage Band doing something all fancy pants 'creating mixdowns' and such.
I don't know what's happening there but i hope it makes it better and not worse with the mix.

ITunes pops up and my song starts to play.

Oh my God....
I think I'm going to cry.

Please Garage Band.
Marry me.
Be my partner for all time and I will love you forever and ever.


And it's done.
Three days.

I'm just...
I'm relieved, grateful and in a weird way?
already mourning working on it.
The thought of working on a new song is exciting and yet...
I'm a little sad, I'm not gonna lie.

Kinda like getting back in the dating world.
You're excited to start a new relationship but you're still carrying that last one in your DNA.

Don't hate me because 12 tracks are the accepted number for an album.
we had such a magical three days...
and I will see you again come time for vocal tracks...
but in the meantime...
I will hold you close to my heart...
and think of you fondly.... i totes start dating another song.
sorry, Poodle.


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