Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Ok my sweet pertaters--

So i went to the bank today and tried to open a second checking account with my regular bank for this whole CD adventure (just cause I want to really keep my personal finances separate from the CD finances for clarity).  And it turns out, they don't LET you open a second checking account on an already existing account unless it's an official business account (with all offiicial numbers and tags and crap)-
or a joint account for safety purposes. 

Obviously, this prevents anyone other than you from opening another checking account without your knowledge using all your information already in the system. Makes sense, and i really do appreciate it but....a pain in the ass, nonetheless. Especially after I hobbled all the way over there on a fractured ankle for basically nuthin'.

I float the joint-account idea by Andy (the bf) and he's incredibly supportive and game...
but...i don't wanna mix his financial information all up in this shit either.

Plus, trying to get around on a fractured ankle is tough-
and cabs are not cheap so...
trekking to my bank branch again in my condition?
Not appealling, and...not really smart either.

Of course on the block where I live there's only....
oh, i don't know...
2987234i234987234 banks to choose from. 
So I eeny meeny miney moe'd it, went into one and opened up a new account.

Then I went home and signed up for a PAYPAL account (https://www.paypal.com/).
This (which I'm sure most of you know about- but for those of you like me, who didn't),
is a really nifty site that allows you to have people pay you via credit card and vice versa. It's also incredibly secure for everyone involved so...that's extremely comforting as well.

Also, as luck would have it-
my regular website (www.donnalynnechamplin.com) is actually wired for PAYPAL so...
when everything gets set up and approved and all that jazz, I will post again as to how to make donations to the ANGEL PR FUND, and eventually purchase CDs, etc if you're interested.

But yes.
What a marvelous invention.
Definitely a 'must have' for the independant CD seller.

I'm grateful to know you PAYPAL.
May we be life long friends.


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