Sunday, October 4, 2009


It's called "Old Friends".

I've decided to name it "Old Friends" because as I'm working on these songs I'm realizing that the connecting tissue between all these tunes is that I have personally turned to them at some point in my life and cathartically listened to them over and over and over.

These songs have, in one way or another...
saved  me.

they are much more than just songs to me...
they are, not to sound like a complete crunch bag but....
they are a part of my soul because they've all in one way or another...
put it back together again when it was broken.


Old Friends it is.

It works.
It's accurate.
And it really encapsulates the true "feel" not only of the CD itself but..
why i wanted to share these songs with other people.

I think maybe somewhere deep inside, i hope that when someone needs that sort of catharsis that only music can bring...
they might put in my CD and find the comfort that I've found myself in these songs.

The thought of helping someone out like that-
someone i may know-
or someone that i may have never even met...
it's beyond humbling.
and immensely fucking cool.

Ok dolls.

Gotta get back to work.

I'm more ahead on the music than the blog shows but i'll catch up soon...
but gotta ride the creative wave, ya know what i'm sayin'?

Hoping you're all enjoying the turning of the seasons!

The leaves are starting to change in front of my window...
it's the magical time of year!!!
(Oh yeah...Christmas can totes suck it).

Halloween RULES!


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