Friday, November 27, 2009


Hey Dollies!

ok so...
I've been busy preparing for the CD RELEASE PARTY this sunday night at the beechman at 9:30pm....

and gearing up for the online distribution portion of this adventure.
Bizmo and cdbaby are parts of my 'distribution package' I got from Play-It Direct for $69 bucks.

First off is BIZMO.

This is a place where you all can buy the CD online.
It's like Itunes, basically- from what i can see...
except that it's got handy little urls and stuff that you can add to your facebook profiles, etc.

Let's see if it works here shall we?


ok so.

THAT should be interesting.

I'll put one up on my regular website and see what happens there.


There was a slight wrinkle....
For CDBABY to be able to set up your personal page on their site where people can buy the cd they need 5 hard copy cds from you.

Play-It Direct was in charge of sending them along but...
they sent them without realizing that my release date was 12/01/09 and they apparently sent them by horse and buggy because they are still in transit.

So i had to overnight 5 cds to cdbaby so they would have the 3-4 days it takes to set everything up for me.

They will have ten cds.

I've updated my personal account there-
and honestly-
i'm just waiting til 12/01/09 with fingers crossed to actually see what the hell all this cdbaby thing is about. At the moment I'm just doing what sergio at play-it direct tells me to do because i figure he knows.

At the moment, it's all I have brain cell wise to get everything ready for sunday.

I'm excited tho.
been rehearsing with my 'karaoke' tracks and it's really weird...
because my ears are so trained now to listen to the WHOLE thing...
that it's actually hard to just sing the songs.

because my ears won't let me concentrate on just singing.

it's a very bizarre situation i'm trying to train myself out of...
it's getting there...
i'm slowly able to just let the music wash over as i sing to it-
as opposed my ears being so actively listening to the music that I can't really concentrate on the singing part.


the fun little things you discover when you mix your own shit.


ok darlings.
two shows tomorrow.
have to get to bed.

hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving!!!!


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