Monday, December 21, 2009


Yes Virginia, is does sound like a venereal disease.

or a contraceptive.

Ok, seriously.

Since I recently registered the name of my production company (Parting Glass Productions) with NYS...
and since i wanted to open a bank account specifically for Parting Glass Productions-
I was told that I needed an "EID".

An "EID" is an Employer Identification Number with the IRS.

Heads up....
If you go all the way to your local IRS building in the freezing cold and post-blizzard slush, to get a "SS-4" form, they will most likely say to you, 

"You know, you can do this online in like, ten minutes. If you do it here, you'll wait for at least an hour and the paperwork will take up to 4 weeks. You might as well just go home."


Just go to and have at it.
Search for an "SS-4 form", or "EID" on the site-
go through and answer all the questions and that's pretty much it.
No fee or anything (which was shocking to me).

Literally, in ten minutes, I had an EID number and was able to print it out to bring to the bank to open a 'business account' specifically for Parting Glass Productions.

When I file my taxes...
I honestly don't know what I claim all this under...
a 1099?
a W-2?
a 24601?

i have no idea.
God bless my accountant.

How does this affect when I apply for unemployment?
I have no idea.
God help me when I open my new post-BILLY claim.

I will keep you all posted as we go into this 'businessy-business' part of the production company bit....

in the meantime-
i hope you're all having a marvelous holiday season!


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