Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Heya cats and kittens-

So it's been a busy night-
sending out general CD orders from Amazon, etc-
sending out 'thank you' CDs to all the members of the Anna Sosenko Committee, (and Jonathan Herzog and Sandi Durell for their bringing the Trust to my attention in the first place)-
sending out 'thank you' CDs to my accountants for the EIN help-
applying for the MAC 'recording' award.

I'm assuming/hoping I'm eligible because, even though I'm not personally a MAC member (although I'm considering it for my one-woman show "Finishing The Hat")- 
I have performed at many of the MAC affiliated theatres around town and I did perform a great deal of "Old Friends" live at the CD release party at the Beechman in November.

I'm just doing with the application on the MAC site is telling me to do-
I've filled out the application and sent along copies of various interviews, reviews, articles, the press release and the sell sheet for the CD.

If you have something- a CD, a show, a performance that you'd like to be considered for a MAC award the deadline is January 16th...

so hie thee to http://www.macnyc.com/ and get it all in the mail, babies!!!

Will keep you posted.

I'm considering filling one out for "Finishing The Hat" under another category...
but i'm not sure if I should wait for the CD to come out....

will think on it.

but in the meantime...
keep your fingers crossed for OLD FRIENDS to win a MAC award.

Stay warm darlin's-
it's ccccccooooolllldddddd out there!


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