Friday, June 4, 2010

Sadie, Sadie...

Hello my dearests....
Long time no nuthin'.

Sorry for that.

I've been a bit busy...
did a gig at the Actors Theatre of Louisiville...
got married...
went on a honeymoon...
bought a house....
ya know.

same old same old.

Whhhhhhhaaaaaaattttttttt did she say?

i did!
i got hitched!


and that's my new husband Andrew Arrow!!!
(who was also my awesome vocal producer on OLD FRIENDS and a brilliant singer-actor in his own right-


there's some catching up to do with OLD FRIENDS, some more lovely reviews have come out which I'll post separately since I got married and everything I want to make sure that the enormity of that really shines on its own.

btw, did i mention that i got married?

i did.

oh well...
here's another PICTURE!!!!

ok ok.
i'm sorry.

back to work.

hoping you're all well and happy!!!!

donna lynne

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