Saturday, September 26, 2009

Promotional Email

Now that Michael McLean has got me thinking about PR I decided to expand my Blog Announcement beyond Facebook. I sent this email out today to my 'regular email' list. Every little bit helps, i guess. Right?

"Dear Donna Lynne, I hate blogs, but I love yours because it 
A) Has a purpose/educational
B) Is well written and structured but also a fun quirkiness to it ("ball" is funny) and 
C) There isn't a single connotation of egotism as every other one I've been told to read seems to be. 
Just read through the last two and enjoyed the past 15 minutes of my life. Thank you and keep writing them even if it's just for my own enjoyment. --R.R."

Heya Darlin'-

Hoping you're well and happy.
Wanted to share with you my new adventure...
I'm making my own Debut Solo CD....and my budget is $1000.

The whole shebang for under a grand.
She said...optimistically.

My blog of this whole experience is at
and I'd love for you to check it out if it sounds like something you'd be interested it.
Or even pass it on, to others that might be into it as=2 0well.

My reasons/hopes for the blog are pretty simple:

a) It's first and foremost, entertaining (hopefully).

b) It serves as a 'how to' in layman's terms for other people who might be interested in making their own Solo CD on a limited budget (from mechanical licenses to packaging and PR).

c) It's a way for people to offer their own assistance, ideas, equipment, how-tos, and pr actical advice that can be shared via the blog, and be part of the CD making (this was a happy surprise to me, and not an original intention).

d) It can provide exposure to some fabulous composers and lyricists who i think are brilliant and yet in some cases, woefully unappreciated or just unknown for whatever reason.

e) People can get an idea of the highs and lows, and the rookie mistakes to avoid in their own CD adventures.

Just from my announcing it on my Facebook profile-
there's already a lot of interest in it-
even some requests for 'pre-orders'...
to which no one is more pleasantly surprised than me.

So i figured it was safe to let more people know about it via regular email-
since people (other than my mom) are apparently digging it, maybe.

I'm hoping you're well, happy and embracing the fabulous season that is FALL!

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