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Listen up my sweet little halloween cupcakes.

I got somethin' REAL important to tell ya.


Robbie is my graphic designer on this project but he's also an encyclopedia of pretty much anything you'd ever need to know about recording, music, graphics, artists, 'the biz', etc.

First of all, you can find him here:

Secondly, you can find him here:

lemme tell ya why he's so awesome.

He has done ALL of my graphics for me, and B-E-A-U-tifully.
Not just the cover which you've seen, but I can't even explain how gorgeously EXPENSIVE he's making this CD look. And not in any way but utterly appropriate for the CD itself.

I so want to post every single graphic he's ever sent to me here but then that would of course, ruin the surprise of the actual CD itself so i shall resist that temptation...
but rest assured....

just one.
this is the graphics he made for me for my 'publishing company'- 

this took him, literally fifteen minutes.
i sent him a picture I thought was cool...
told him I wanted to name the 'company' after one of my favorite songs (The Parting Glass)...
and voila.


Thirdly, the man is FAST.
like road runner fast.
like, I'm REALLY really fast and he's always 5 steps ahead of me.
I don't think I've experienced that in quite a long time.

He'll send you three different amazing versions of something and you might say,

"I love it, especially there a way for the text to be a little more celtic/feminine/like a banana boat?"

and withing TEN minutes you've got five new options in your email box.

Fourthly, he is beyond generous.
He is doing all of this work for me PRO BONO.
that's right.
you heard me.

AND not only that...
but when it looked like a couple days ago-
due to an incorrect price quote we had received by accident-
we were gonna be short some $$$ (which was the difference between the book being in color or black and white), he actually offered to pay the difference. 

That's right.
You heard me.
He OFFERED  to PAY the difference.
AFTER doing all this shit for me for free.

And then, my brain exploded.

Obviously, that was not even remotely a possibility but luckily that day we got donations totalling exactly what we needed. Bless, baby, bless.

Whatever I did in a former life to deserve such fabulousness, I have no idea but I am beyond grateful for it. I finally had the chance to meet him in person a couple days ago when he was in NYC on some PS Classics business and after I promised him my first born-
i just had to ask how much all the work he was doing for me would actually cost someone who...
wasn't pulling up the sofa cushions to pay the mechanical licenses....
while it's gauche to talk about other people's fees....
rest assured....
it's my ENTIRE budget many times over.

and FIFTHLY...
the man is HILARIOUS.

That might actually be my favorite part about working with him.
He has a marvelous sense of humor and his emails always make me laugh out loud-
which is an uncommon occurrence actually.

i think...
my favorite comment thus far was an email he sent- helping me try to figure out my "Thank you" section- he wrote something like,

"and here's where you can say something like- 'this person makes me feel like Jesus came down and bought me a sandwich."


THAT'S funny.

He is a jack of so many trades I'm sure i'm not hitting them all but...
if ANY OF YOU need a website, CD art work, record producer, musical theatre archivist extraordinaire....
you MUST get in touch with him immediately.

He is the SHIT, people.
And i'm not just saying this because he's doing me like EIGHT solids right now....

Not that he needs any shout outs from me-
as his clientele is pretty fiercy fancy pants and pays him well enough that he can afford charity cases like mine... 

And not that I'm advertising him as someone who should and will work for free.
The man is worth his rates, believe me.
Honestly, i can only hope to someday be in a position to pay him what he deserves because Lord knows if I have any other CDs/websites/whatever down the pike- I'll be devastated if he's not my graphics guy.

He's ruined me for any other graphic designer.

damn you, robbie.


at the top of my lungs, i'm sayin'...
He's THAT good.

And with that....
I am finishing up another musical post for ya'll, cause it's been too long.
i know.
i know.
i'm sorry.

less business-
more music comin' UP!!!


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