Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello dolls-

As you might recall-
so that I could open my PAYPAL account for the CD, I needed to connect it to viable bank account online of my own to legitimize any payments they would make for me.

Because I am slightly paranoid about any of my personal and financial information being online- 
having been the victim of ID fraud twice in my life-
I didn't feel comfortable connecting my PAYPAL account to my main personal bank account.

So i opened a new bank account at TD BANK (formerly COMMERCE BANK) with the minimum of $100 in it since PAYPAL and online selling and buying were somewhat foreign to me.

Ironically, TD Bank's motto is 'AMERICA'S MOST CONVENIENT BANK".

I assure you it is not.

It is rather America's most IN-convenient bank.

And since I was able to open a proper and separate 'business checking account' in the name of my company Parting Glass Productions- 
with my own bank after getting my EIN....
and after I switched my PAYPAL and my AMAZON.COM merchant accounts over to said "business checking account"-

i closed out my TD Bank account.
Just down to the wire as 2009 is hours away from being over.

it was a small thing but a huge relief to my peace of mind-
as I am not a fan of having all of my financial shit spread out from here to East Jesus.
I like everything in one place where I can get at it and bring the confusion-level to about a 'three'.

not to 'politicize' this blog in any way-
but i was even more inspired to close down this account after I read this article about moving all our money to local banks and credit unions to help the economy-
(and to kinda stick it to all the big banks who have just taken our 'bailout' money and done pretty much fuck all in return to help clean up the mess they made, in the process):

So goodbye TD Bank...
and goodbye 2009...
I'm grateful for all the good things you gave me but I am also happy to see you go.

Here's to a much less complicated 2010!

Happy New Year everyone!

*bok bok*



  1. don't blame the bank for things that it has no control over. In my experience it is usually the "victim's" fault that their ID was stolen in the first place. they're just as happy to see you go.

  2. Hey "Anonymous"-

    Maybe if you actually READ the other posts I'd put up about TD Bank you'd understand that my issues with TDB were the fact that every time I went in there, including the day i opened my account 'the computers were down'. So i could never check my account either on line or in the bank, get a debit card or checks.
    For almost three months.
    Their 'computers were down' every time i went in.
    which was a lot.

    NOT cool-
    and hence "America's Most IN-convenient Bank".

    On and btw-
    if it really makes you feel better to blame ME for the ID theft....
    go right ahead.

    But I'll also try REALLY HARD to get the name and address of the fucking dickshit who mugged me at knife point in New Jersey in the middle of the day. Which was how my ID theft adventures began.

    Good luck living in corporate-superior-world, asshole.

    Donna Lynne Champlin
    NOT 'anonymous' and a "clearly-asking-for-ID-theft" member of LIFELOCK since 2007

  3. So how are you taking payments now? Still using Paypal, going into your main account?

    I had the same misgivings, but dropped the separate account. Now I'm not sure what I should do. I can accept credit cards through CDbaby where my album is for sale, but it's slow since there's no online verification and you should really wait until the transaction clears before mailing product.


  4. When I finally opened the BUSINESS account with my own bank-
    i just went into my PAYPAL account and CHANGED the 'main bank account' information to the new account and deleted the TD Bank account information.

    They then, 'verified' the account by sending two very small amounts into my new 'business' bank account- and then all was kosher.

    (you need a valid bank account so they can verify and 'hold' your money for you)-

    So YES.
    I am still accepting payments through PAYPAL on my website.
    I just changed the bank account information in the PAYPAL account itself.

    thanks for asking!


  5. TD Bank? A simple no brainer home equity loan turned into a crash and burn. They lost a potential new customer. They lie or less than truthful during application process.